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Plot Synopses: July 06

Public knowledge:

-- Near the end of month 12 of turn 442, High Reaches Weyr's eggs hatch. Cayri is in attendance and walks onto the sands to Impress green Aydeth. The High Reaches Weyrleaders announce that Aydeth is sickly and in quarantine. 12 days later, they announce that she died and Cayri went insane.

-- In reality, High Reaches Weyrleader D'wed takes Cayri and Aydeth to an island off the coast of the Western Continent and abandons them there. They're found nine days later by Sh'van, and rescued three days after that by Sh'van and Adria, brought to Fort Weyr as weyrlings. The Reaches comment only that they had reason to believe Aydeth was sickly, possibly contagious, and were trying to minimize the potential infection and feelings of loss for their weyrlings.

-- The first weyrling from Fedayth's clutch to fly is I'neph near the end of the 13th month. The next day, J'tei is taught to fly, and he goes *between* shortly afterward. He is punished by losing his rights to a weyr, spending an extra two months in the barracks before he's given his freedom again.

-- At the Turnover Gather, Lord Monroe of Fort announces that he still considers Romian is only heir. After Romian's training is finished, he will return to the Hold and resume his position as the Heir.

-- With the addition of another girl rider in the barracks, M'vari began a project to add a segregated dormitory for female weyrlings to the existing barracks. The project is nearly complete as the current weyrlings are moving into their own weyrs.

-- Halfway through the 1st month of turn 443, Fedayth rose in her second flight and was once again caught by Ianoth. The only other dragon to chase her was Sh'van's Lanmith.

-- After learning to fly, G'avon attempts to follow in J'tei's footsteps and takes himself and brown Klioth *between* without being trained. They do not make the trip, dying in *between*. M'vari asks Raine to have Fedayth impose her will on the weyrling dragons, restricting all but Chaemith from going *between* until further notice.

-- Over the course of two weeks, two seemingly isolated fires break out at farmholds and beastholds in the early morning, one near Fort Hold and one on Ista Island.

Not public knowledge (page me or someone involved if you think your character should know this):

-- Although found nine days after being left on the island, Cayri isn't rescued for another three days. X'drian ordered Sh'van to leave her on the island until the timing was more politically acute, and Sh'van's did so until a storm on the island forced his hand.

-- J'tei spent the six months leading up to his first flying studying how to go *between*. In addition to learning from hides how it was done, he had other riders give him pointers under the guise of being a curious weyrling.

-- Since the Turnover Gather, Raine has been preoccupied at Fort Hold and Harper Hall. Speculatively, she is either trying to help prove the legality of Romian staying the heir, or trying to disprove it and force Romian to name another.

-- After the flight, Raine and X'drian reached an agreement about the female dragonriders: If no girls Impress from Fedayth's clutch, X'drian will begin preparing the girls for a Wing of their own.

-- The fires are part of an ongoing plot that hasn't been revealed publicly yet. Stay tuned. :)
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