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Leylia of Fort Weyr


Place: Living Cavern
Players: Leylia, Giella, J'tei
Current time: 11:35pm.
Current date: Day 20, month 1, turn 443.
Synopsis: Random conversation between Leylia and Giella, where Leylia’s job is discussed.

Living Cavern

Leylia.........5'8", 150 lbs, Dark Blonde Hair. Blue Eyes. Plain Looking.
Giella.........16, Grey eyes, Dark brown hair, stout.
J'tei..........6'2" with a strong build. Reddish-brown hair, blue eyes.

The fact that it is almost the middle of the night might account for the lack of people sitting around having a good time. In fact, the room is empty except for one lonely person, who sits next to the hearth wrapped up in a blanket. A cup of something sits on the table giving off a nice puff of steam.

Giella comes sedatly down the stairs from the kitchen. She's got a bucket in one hand, which she carries gingerly, and the other hand is placed carefully upon the railing. Upon reaching the bottom, she appears startled to see anyone about at all, but never the less, heads that way. "Can I get you something?" she asks, settling her bucket (which contains clean, soapy water), at her feet.

The woman looks up from the wallow that she worked herself into and gives the other female an appraising look before shaking her. "Thank you but no," Leylia says with a soft cough. "Just tying to keep warm." Looking at the bucket, the assistant headwoman cocks her head slightly, "Are you in the habit of doing your chores in the middle of the night?"

Giella shakes her head. "No, not all of them," she answers, her gaze falling to the bucket for a moment. "I just drew the long straw this time." There's a reluctance to leave; she weaves slightly in her spot, passing a gaze around the empty cavern. "It'd probably be warmer in a bed, ma'am." It's a probing question, and Giella actually takes the initiative to sit herself down. The bucket is carefully nudged away to avoid being spilled.

Leylia coughs a few more time before taking a long sip of the tea at her side. "You would think that, wouldn't you." This comes of a bit sarcastic but her face doesn't change from the neutrally that it is accustom too. "Well, it is good to know that some are still willing to do there jobs around here." Sighing, the woman pulls the blanket closer to her body to help suppress a stutter.

Giella schools her expression into one of thoughtful consideration. "Why wouldn't it be?" but she won't press the issue. Her gaze is appraising, though very little concern is expressed in her features. "Are you alright? I've been told that not enough sleep accompanied by cold is a good way to get sick." Very matter of fact, she continues, "My mother says it's better to bundle up if you feel a cold coming on. Nip it before it gets you."

Leylia waves her hand at the other woman's suggestion. "I will be fine." She says with a nonchalant tone. "Just spend to much time outside." Taking a few more sips of her tea, she gives the woman a thoughtful look. "Sounds like something my foster mother would say."

"I think it's a mother thing," Giella continues on, her head cant to one side as she thinks it over. "But it does seem to hold true." There's a visible shudder through her shoulders, and her gaze turns towards, and lingers upon, the doorway out of the caverns. "I avoid being outside at all costs. I'm not really in favor of freezing." Her lips purse into a thin line, and she drops her chin to the table in a more youthful expression of exhaustion. Her curiosity also seems to be peaked, however, for she probes further. "What goes on outside that needs your attention, anyways?"

Leylia frowns and says dryly. "I am in charge of the stables and the garden. And the animals don't wait for it to turn warm." Shaking her head a bit as if she is found something funny, she chuckles slightly. "And with the new weyrlings that are coming up, it might be a bit scarce on meet around here."

Giella shifts in her seat, chin still resting upon a table in front of her. Her pale of soapy water is nudged just once with her foot, ensuring it's not moved on it's own since she last stashed it away. "Oh." That seems to settle it. She's quiet for several moments, and then curiosity apparently flares once more, for she asks quizzically, "What're they going to do about it? Can't we just... get more?"

Despite it being around midnight, Leylia is seating next to the hearth, huddled up in a thick blanket. "Probably" The assistant headwoman says to Giella, who sits not to far way. "But that is something I don't have to worry about, thankfully, as it is the Weyrwoman's job to get supplies." Frowning a bit, the woman coughs a few more times. "But lucky, things tend to work out around here... Well if you don't count the whole girls riding fighting dragons."

J'tei comes in along with a dusting of snow. He looks tired, but not necessarily sleepy, weary without being ready to actually drop into bed. Staying near the entrance, he rubs his hands busily across his hair, trying to chase snowflakes off it. Right now, he hasn't taken note of the girls chit-chatting-- probably because he was expecting it to be empty at this time of night? Whatever the case, he's busy dealing with snow at the moment.

Giella doesn't change much from her expression of curiosity, her frown only slightly creasing her forehead. "Aw, I don't see much wrong with them," she says in an indifferent tone. "Weird, sure, but a problem? Nah. I understand the fuss and all, I suppose." A pause. "Doesn't seem like they'd be your problem either, though, except when they eat your cows."

J'tei eventually realizes that there are better places to defrost farther from the entrance, where the cold blows right on into the room. Shedding his coat and the like, trailing his scarf off the back of his neck, he makes his way toward the hearth and the only source of apparent conversation at the moment. "Evening," he greets mildly, nice little nod to the girls, nice little smile to boot.

"No, they aren't my problem." Leylia says with a frown. "At least they aren't keep supplies out of the weyr anymore." Nodding to J'tei as he approaches, the dusty blue eyed woman stands up as she drains the rest of her cup. "I think I will be making some more of this before I head to bed. Good night, both of you."
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