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Greta's Flying Lesson

Location: Lake by the barracks.
Players: Greta and M'vari.
Time: Day 7, month 2, turn 443.
Scene: Greta gets her flying lesson.

[DTU] To Ziaith, Reith informs placidly, << M'vari says to come to the lake with your straps. You rider probably ought to dress against the weather. The wind gets cold, especially with the snow. >>

[DTU] To Reith, Ziaith acknowleges with a soft mental nod, << We shall be there directly. >>

Ziaith comes over from the bowl.

Greta comes over from the bowl.

Slipping from the barracks, Greta and Ziaith could merely be out for a romp in the cold and snow with Greta bundled up so barely anything more then her eyes are exposed to the frigid air. "Ziaith I do hope your not going to decide to try out the ice again, you nearly went for a cold bath yesterday." mutters the weyrling through the scarft that's wrapped about the lower half of her face.

M'vari and Reith wait, one bundled up against the chill and one near the barracks - the wall of which helps keep the worst of the snow from collecting on top of him. The Weyrlingmaster's eyes currently tail a weyrling bluerider carting out a load of rocks from inside the mid-excavation barracks, shifting only on sight of Ziaith. "It's too cold to mince words," he calls shortly. "Are you both ready?"

Greta turns at that voice, her eyes blinking rapidly in the cold air "Ready? Yes we are, Ziaith's straps are ready and well fitted." Though the girl can only speculate on why she needed to bring them out here on such a day.

M'vari blinks back at Greta. "I realize you must be excited, but you're still expected to salute ranking riders." He turns away before there's even time for her to make amends, or time for him to explain the purpose. He pulls himself up to Reith's back deftly, fastening a strap to his belt, then looks expectantly at the girl.

** Greta salutes quickly before turning back to her lifemate and hauling herself up on her lifemates back. "Sorry sir, won't happen again."

** Greta climbs up between Ziaith's neckridges.

M'vari snaps frostily, "Better not." Getting settled, he continues, "This is very simple. We both go up. Ziaith is to tail Reith, who will give us a slow pace across the bowl, bank a turn near the star stones, and return to land back here near the lake. Try anything fancy and you'll be grounded for the rest of your natural life. Understood?"

** From Ziaith's neckridges, Greta nods quickly, hands working to buckle her straps about her hips as she listens on. "Yes sir, very well understood." comes from her mouth, though it's all a bit muffled.

Reith springs into the sky.

** Ziaith wings up from the lake.

** Reith lifts off directly, making a good bit of snow hurry busily in the wind his wings stir. He circles twice for altitude in an "easy" ascent that the weyrling green should have no problems mimicking - certainly an easier way to go up than just springing straight into the air. Once he's got his own height settled, he snakes his head back around, both he and M'vari peering to watch Ziaith.

** Ziaith lifts off shortly after the larger Reith, following his easy ascent almost smoothly. While she may seem a little bulky, the young green moves more agilely and gracefully the more altitude she gains. Quick enough she's right behind the older brown waiting for him to lead her on their trip around the bowl.

** Reith indeed avoids anything fancy. Once he's sure Ziaith is well and truly aloft, he simply sets them a nice, easy course off toward the star stones. With the snow falling as it is, the visibility is a touch low, but familiarity with the scenery makes the whole thing pretty safe. As they approach, he demonstrates a wide, banking turn well off the mark of the star stones - if it weren't so dismal out, there'd be a great view of the bowl right now.

It is noon in the late winter. Snow falls silently and softly with no wind to disturb it. The temperature is about 31F, -1C.

** Ziaith fights very little against the weather as she keeps up the pace with Reith, her wings moving in slightly faster wingbeats but still they're smooth and steady. Her own turn is far from as neat as the browns but she manages to complete it without loosing to much ground.

[DTU] To Ziaith, Reith projects, << When we land - >> Which he seems to be readying to do. << - you can crash into the lake if you find you aren't going to land very well. It's better than crashing into the ground, trust me. >>

[DTU] To Reith, Ziaith sends a fleeting mental image of herself landing near neatly in the deeper snow several feet from the lakes edge. << I think I shall manage, the ice isn't nearly as soft as the snow. >>

Reith wings his way toward the lake.

** From the sky, Ziaith follows a wing beat or two later, heading down towards the deeper piles of snow that edge the lake shore.

** From the sky, Ziaith wings her way toward the lake.

** Ziaith wings her way from the southwestern sky.

** Reith lands quite tidily himself, just veering a bit from his original trajectory so that Ziaith doesn't have to worry about crashing in to HIM - let alone the ground. As he touches down, so does M'vari, hopping neatly off and landing in a snowy crouch, looking quite cold as he pulls goggles away from his eyes.

** Ziaith doesn't land nearly so neatly, nope not at all. The plump green lands right in the snow banks she'd given the image of earlier, trudging out of them with her head held high while Greta laughs from her perch on the greens neckridges.

You hop down from Reith's neckridges.

Greta hops down from Ziaith's neckridges.

"You should work on landing properly," calls M'vari, like someone who's a bit tired of having to say that. (Weyrlings suck at landings? Say it ain't so!) "Once you've got that down, you'll be much better off. Practice short take-offs and quick landings until she can do it without cushioning herself in a snow drift - and practice it before you attempt any landings on a ledge. Understood?"

Greta nods quickly "Yes sir, we'll do that sir." Ziaith simple looks at M'vari and Reith with a near blank expression on her draconic face before moving closer to the barracks to get out of the wing.
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