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Cayri and M'vari Chat

Location: Weyrling barracks.
Players: Cayri and M'vari.
Time: Day 17, month 1, turn 443.
Scene: Cayri and M'vari discuss changing the barracks, her Impression, etc.

M'vari enters some time after dinner to see how work progresses on the barracks. Most weyrlings have the sense to take a free evening and run with it, but a handful are stuck doing manual labor with I'neph as the overseer.

Cayri has just finished her own turn with a shovel and a wheelbarrow and a lot of sweat for a winter evening. Her bad luck involves M'vari entering the room right when she collapses on her cot, making her miss the mandatory moment when she ought to be snapping off a salute. She sags into her pillow in an attempt to just downright disappear.

Doesn't work. M'vari strolls by her cot, kicking the leg of it with his foot hard enough to jostle the mattress. "What's this?" he asks bluntly, yanking one hand open to gesture at the weyrling sprawled on her cot like it's SO unusual for a weyrling to do something like that.

"Resting." Cayri groans the answer wearily, unwilling to sit up even for fear of M'vari's wrath. "Ex/haus/ted. Are you going to grief me about the salute? I'm really not sure I'm up for it." She rolls onto her side, leaning on an elbow.

M'vari thinks about it, he really thinks about it, but he relents with nothing more than another knock of his foot at the leg of her cot. "Next time, yes. This time - " He looks toward the group hauling rocks out of the half-carved tunnel, shaking his head at the mess. "It's looking good."

Cayri scrunches her nose. "Sorta. What's the ultimate goal of this again?"

M'vari explains, "To get you people - " He plants one foot on the press at the foot of her cot, nodding to indicate the other beds hosting girls. " - out of this main room."

Lips pursing up, Cayri asks, "To like segregate us off by ourselves?" Her expression clouds over with uncertainty and a little unhappiness, eyes staying on the unfinished tunnel. "Howcome?"

"The needs of the many," answers M'vari frankly.

Cayri guesses, "I guess that makes me one of the few." She sighs, lays back, and stretches her arms over her head, jamming her hands under her pillow. "That's not so good for me. I was just getting comfortable here."

M'vari continues, "Well, it's nothing personal against you - or any of the others. I just think that, if we're going to have young men and women livingi n here, there ought to be a little space between them."

"You think we're breaking rules?" Cayri smirks, looking over at one particularly pimply young man.

M'vari follows her look, grinning slowly at the implications. "No, I don't. But I think it will just be better for everyone's peace of mind if we have a little extra room in here. With another flight..." He grimaces.

Cayri asks, "Must be rough for you?"

M'vari shrugs, leaning down to push the arm of a sweater back inside the press. "It's rougher than I was prepared for. But you obviously weren't taking other people's concerns to heart when you - " He looks over his shoulder, inclining his forehead toward Aydeth.

After looking thoughtfully at the ceiling for a moment, Cayri asks, "Why is every rider here so interested in why I wanted to Impress? You're all riders too, you must have been through the same experience."

M'vari explains, "Not even close, kid. I was searched, accepted, and put on the Sands to Impress. The way I hear it, you pretty much busted your way on to the Sands uninvited."

Cayri rolls her eyes. "You make it sound like a punched out a guard or snuck on when no one was looking."

"How was it then?" asks M'vari.

Cayri answers slowly, "I don't think you can understand, M'vari. It's complimcated. I don't think /I/ even understand. It was just something I had to do."

M'vari sighs, that there being the answer he saw coming. "Well, your 'complicated' issues are the reason for our messy ones." He nods to the cluster of working weyrlings.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I had /planned/ on living out my days a bit farther north." Cayri wears a grin as she gets off her cot, onto her feet. "Right now, I'm grimy. Permission to use the bathing pools, sir?"

M'vari waves his hand to the exit. "Go. Bathe."

"Thanks. Good luck." Cayri nods to the workers and walks out.
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