overentropy (overentropy) wrote in fortweyrmush,

Idle nuking reminder.

There are several people pushing 15-30 days idle right now. As a reminder, this is from the "news idle" file:

1. Normal feature characters (Crafters, metallic riders, etc.) will be @newpassworded after 30 days without being logged in. Staff will decide how to deal with the character from there.

2. All other characters will be nuked after 30 days without being logged in. PLEASE NOTE! Once a character has been nuked or turned NPC, their "fate" will be determined by staff. They may be killed or used for plot purposes; if this happens, those events will not be retconned if the player returns. If you don't want your character used for these purposes, you need to contact staff *before* you are NPCed/nuked.

I don't want anyone to lose a character they worked on and want to keep, but I will use idle PCs for plots if they happen to fit the bill. :)
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