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R'mi's Flying Lesson

Location: Lake by the barracks.
Players: M'vari and R'mi.
Time: Day 8, month 1, turn 443.
Scene: R'mi gets his flying lesson.

[DTU] To Nwandoth, Reith informs pleasantly, << M'vari says to come out to the lake with your rider and your flying straps. >> Pause. << You're lucky. It's a nice clear day. >>

M'vari and Reith wait patiently out in the snow, the Weyrlingmaster bundled against the cold and the dragon wearing his straps. "I wish the hatching could've occurred when flights WOULDN'T be in the dead of winter," the Weyrlingmaster mumbles disconsolately as he lingers on the wind-free sigh of his dragon.

Nwandoth shuffles awkwardly out of the barracks, R'mi not having much trouble keeping pace as this speed. Romian has opted for a heavily lined coat but aside from that, seems to be in fairly good spirits. Or atleast, the weather doesn't bother him terribly. "Good afternoon, Weyrlingmaster."

"Good afternoon, Lordling," returns M'vari with a cold smirk. Not cold as in "you suck" but cold as in "it's winter and it's damn frosty out here." He considers the brown first, barely glancing at Romian except long enough to send a nod that way. "He's a good size, should turn out pretty big. How do you feel about the straps? How does HE feel about the straps?"

R'mi gives a tug on a straps as the pair come to a halt. "Certainly not stylish but I have confidence they'll hold my weight." Pause, "It was a little bit of a trial getting them to lay comfortably on his shoulders but I suppose I'll have many more opportunities to practice making them properly, faster, as he gets larger." The boxy brown flexing his wings and giving a slight shift in weight before snorting his approval of the fit.

M'vari asks with a raise of his brows, "They're uncomfortable?" He approaches Nwandoth with more comfort than he'd ever show toward the rider, whom he seems happy to keep at arm's length, yep. "The straps, I mean. They shouldn't be - they ought to fit him very nicely, snug but not tight. Ask him if he can move well in them," he directs, stepping back with a speculative eye turned to the straps.

[DTU] To Reith, Nwandoth projects, << I can move. Yes. >>

"Not right now. Currently he says this one lays fine. But it took a few tries to get one with the right curve to fit to his bulk." Indicating the rear most strap with a grazing brush of his hand. "He has a rather interesting structure to him all things considered." R'mi says lightly.

M'vari nods, cocking his head aslant to 'listen' toward Reith as the message is no doubt passed along. "As long as he's comfortable," the man mumbles, stepping away toward his own dragon, who looks a bit more enthuasiastic than his human counterpart. "So, here's how it goes. Up, you follow Reith, nothing fancy, then we land facing the lake. If you feel like you're going to crash, you crash into the water. Got it?"

R'mi nods agreeably, not having the slightest inclination to do anything ridiculous while in mid-air. "Certainly. I have no desire to hear the crunch of bone before loosing conciousness." That's a tasty thing to imagine, eh?

"What about the burble of an air bubble before you drown?" asks M'vari, equally morbid in his own way. "Mount up, Lordling," he directs, pulling himself nice and deftly up 'tween Reith's neckridges himself. Not that he's showing off, but he kinda is. Shh.

You climb up between Reith's neckridges.

** R'mi doesn't have the motion down to fluidity yet being rather new to it and having a lot of human-meat to be hefting about over a large creature even with Nwandoth's help of crouching low. He makes it up easily enough though, taking a moment to situate himself comfortably and buckle himself in before the brown shifts back to a more comfortable starting position.

** R'mi climbs up between Nwandoth's neckridges.

Once settled, M'vari looks over to the weyrling to make sure he's landed safely (if not gracefully). He doesn't ask to make sure R'mi is set, just buckles himself in tidily and gives his own dragon some mute command. Up they go, a neat little tandem springing straight upward.

Reith springs into the sky.

** Nwandoth wings up from the lake.

** Nwandoth lifts from the ground slowly, those oddly proportioned shoulders having plenty of muscle to get him airborne but lacking the physical coordination to get it done in any record breaking manner. For his part, R'mi seems rather calm, glancing around to see how far they are from ground and possible obstacle since Nwandoth will no doubt need plenty of warning to manuever appropriately.

** Reith sets an almost leisurely pace, making a nice upward leap to ease into a steady hover while he waits for Nwandoth to get up to their altitude. One brown to another, he's curious about the younger dragon's first flying, eyeing the mechanics of it and all. Once they're both aloft, he dips his shoulder and starts gradually across the bowl in the direction of the star stones, mostly using a glide for propulsion - precious little actual flapping involved.

** Nwandoth may not be particularly speedy.. and even in the air he's far from graceful.. but he seems to have a solid grasp of what's expected of him and flap/glides after the older brown minus any fancy wing work. His flight pattern tends to bobble up and down a bit though he shows no signs of tiring. In fact, Nwandoth seems to be stoicly pleased with his progress. As a counterpoint R'mi smiles in a broad, enthusiastic manner, not at all disheartened at his lifemate's lack of airborne frill.

** Reith wouldn't LAUGH at another dragon, but he might chuff amusedly as he trailed them along toward the star stones still. Never quite in range to land there, he just arcs a nice, slow turn just to one side of them and then dips again, gradually lowering their altitude. M'vari, meanwhile, just stays ducked below his dragon's neckridges to block the worst of the wind.

** Nwandoth locks his wings out as he curves after Reith, leaning a bit too cautiously to make the turn appropriately. With a little more pitch adjustment he falls back into line leaving his rider still seated, always a good goal to strive for. Holding the glide as they begin to descend, he swings his feet a bit underneath him, absently playing in the breeze. Without the flapping his bobbling drops, leaving for a much more steady ride on R'mi's part.

** Lanmith wings off of Lanmith's ledge.

** Lanmith wings his way toward the lake.

** Reith looks to land, but instead just illustrates how a landing WOULD go - touching down but skimming back up only a moment after to hover until Nwandoth actually lights on the shore. M'vari braces partially as if for impact, but he too relaxes as Reith stays neatly aloft.

Reith wings your way toward the lake.

** Nwandoth wings his way from the southwestern sky.

** Nwandoth has a strong suit in stopping it looks like. One strong backwing pulling nearly all of his forward momentum out. R'mi braces himself against the fore neckridge, hanging sideways just enough to eye the encroaching ground below them. The pair land gently.. or atleast brush the ground gently. For as soon as Nwandoth feels his toes on the ground, he abruptly folds his wings and absorbs the rest of the drop with his legs. Dragon Shocks.

** Lanmith lingers near the lake, not bothering to break through the ice rimming the shore nor clear more space for himself out of the snow than is truly necessary. He watches Reith bump-and-go, then turns to watch Nwandoth's for real and true landing, offering over a rumble.

** Reith again eyes Nwandoth with some amusement as he swings back around to land tidily in a clump of snow near the edge of the water, furling his wings with precision. As he hits the ground, so does M'vari, hopping down before Reith's really properly settled. "Not too shabby," calls the Weyrlingmaster, pulling his goggles off his face and his collar away from his mouth. "Which I think is what Lanmith means to imply with that rumble, but don't quote me on it. Landing looked a bit bumpy."

You hop down from Reith's neckridges.

R'mi hops down from Nwandoth's neckridges.

Nwandoth acknowledges the bronze with a glance in his direction before swiveling his head back as best he can to watch R'mi unbuckle and dismount. The latter being a much easier motion that the mount up it would seem. "He got a bit excited." The young brown doesn't look all that excited though, just snuffs once. Quite sure that his legs are strong enough for such a drop. "Not that he doesn't like to fly, but the sooner one lands the sooner they can practice lifting off again." The flowery gist of Nwandoth's sentiment.

"Well," begins M'vari, frowning at the corner of his mouth. "He needs to work on NOT getting excited. Take offs and landings are important, mind you, and you ought to be practicing them regularly, but not to the point that you get distracted by them," he lectures like a good Weyrlingmaster. "That aside, it seemed all right. You have any questions before you're officially cut loose to practice and hunt for a weyr?"

[DTU] To Reith, Lanmith mentions with the air of one of those old guys sitting on the porch and watching the young'uns, << That was a good landing. >>

[DTU] To Lanmith, Reith answers with the air of one of those old guys' wives, who has long since resigned herself to explaining her husband's eccentricities, << You and I know that. >>

R'mi looks over at Nwandoth and then back at M'vari with a subtle shake of his head, "Thank you, no. I think we're fairly concrete on the logistics of it all." It's the implementation that needs smoothing out. "Is Nwandoth cleared to be lifting my things up to a weyr or will I need to procure some else's aid?" Because he does have that whole set of apartments in the lower caverns full of his things.

[DTU] To Reith, Lanmith's curious now. << Who does not think it was good? >>

M'vari's confused. "Your things?" The whole notion of weyrlings who already have like furniture is totally foreign to him. "Oh, right. Your things." Bit disdainful, but he carries on quickly, "As long as it's nothing too heavy, no more than the weight of another person at most. Anything else will just have to wait until he's fully grown." Pause. "Though, by that time, I guess you'll be carting those things right back out to the Hold. So why bother."

[DTU] To Lanmith, Reith projects, << M'vari. He likes to find things to criticize. You get used to it, but I think the little dragons sometimes take it too seriously. >>

R'mi nods lightly, "True enough it would seem." Not reacting in any particularly negative or positive way on the subject. "Well, thank you again for allowing us to do our first lap together. We heartily appreciate it." All dragons have to fly eventually but what's a holder's heir without more proprietary politeness than necessary?

[DTU] To Reith, Lanmith hms and considers it all in his laid-back fashion. Eventually, << You tell them they fly well, don't you? >>

"I suggest you just make yourself passably comfortable for the next six months. Don't go overboard with the interior decorating," says M'vari mildly. "You're welcome. Just get in a bit more practice before you try landing on ledges - it takes some getting used to. I suggest you start on the star stones, since that's a good-sized platform. Dismissed."

[DTU] To Lanmith, Reith projects, << Usually, when I think they might need a little extra encouragement. Not all of them do. >>

R'mi nods, stepping back to Nwandoth to mount up again, "Excellent idea." Though his answer is more murmured absently as he converses with Nwandoth than as a reply to M'vari. The young brown flaps one wing then the other in alternate directions.. then back the other way. By the time R'mi has buckled himself back in, they're rising. With just a little more oomph than last time.

[DTU] To Reith, Lanmith hmms again. << Those I have seen seem steady fliers. You teach them well. >> Who can tell how much of that assurance is Sh'van, and how much is his? Does it really matter? << How is Aydeth? >>

R'mi climbs up between Nwandoth's neckridges.

Nwandoth springs into the sky.
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