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News Policy


The policies on this game are few and simple. For a breakdown, read:

News Behavior : Play nice.
News Staff : Staff function.
News Idle : Idle nuking / feature character management.


Basically, just follow the golden rule: Do unto others. Players should be respectful of other players and staff. By and large, staff will treat players like adults unless they're given a reason not to. Staff isn't here to babysit, and there aren't any elaborate rules or timeouts. We do ask that players keep public chat relatively clean; if someone has a complaint, then stop using curse words.

If a player is disruptive in any way, staff will attempt to mediate the situation. If the player cannot or will not change their behavior, they'll be removed from the game.


Staff's main purposes are to approve characters, upkeep code and news, and help manage over-arching plots. Players are encouraged to help create their own plots, and staff will help tie them together as well as create new plots from time to time. Staff also mediates player disputes, but hopefully that won't be much of an issue.

When new staff is needed, there will be a bbpost on the Wanted board.


Idle characters can quickly become a burden on a relatively small IC area. To combat this, characters will be purged routinely if they are unused.

1. Normal feature characters (Crafters, metallic riders, etc.) will be @newpassworded after 30 days without being logged in. Staff will decide how to deal with the character from there.

2. All other characters will be nuked after 30 days without being logged in.

3. To avoid being nuked, use "+request idle=(explanation/anticipated date of return)."

4. Unapproved characters will be nuked after 7 days without being logged in. Unapproved characters may be nuked after 14 days from the date of creation if they haven't started the approval process.

5. Certain characters will come under "review" after 7 days idle. These include high profile features (Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, Headwoman, etc.), weyrling characters, and Impression characters*. If you play one of these characters and are going to be gone more than seven days, *please* bbpost, @mail, or +request to let staff know that you haven't just dropped off the face of the earth.

* Approved Impression PCs may have their character revoked if they are routinely idle before the clutching. If they fall idle between the clutching and the hatching, they may have their character @newpassworded and made available as an adoptable NPC weyrling.
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