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M'vari's Big Plans

Location: Weyrwoman's weyr.
Players: M'vari and Raine.
Time: Day 8, month 1, turn 443.
Scene: M'vari has some new-fangled ideas about training up them weyrlings.

Unused to being the one hailed, Raine waits with a speculative expression on her face, desk in a disarray of unfinished letters put aside at the weyrlingmaster's bidding.

Unused to being the one doing the hailing, M'vari strides in purposefully for a change - just a little bow to the gold in the outer weyr as he passes. "Raine, I'm sorry for disturbing you."

"But?" Raine asks, smiles tolerantly at M'vari in all his haste. She stands to greet him, gestures to a chair by the hearth.

M'vari waves off the stand, indicating he'd much rather Raine stayed seated. "But it was important. Don't stand, though. It's nothing so formal as all that," he assures, dropping comfortably into the seat with a somewhat tight smile back at Raine.

Raine informs, "You've piqued my curiosity. Please, continue." She sits back down, folds her hands and waits for this monumental purpose.

It is afternoon in the winter. There's not a cloud in sight, but the winter sun is diffuse and weak. The winter sun feels warmest in the clear, afternoon sky. The temperature is about 28F, -2C.

M'vari pleases to continue. "It's all business, I'm afraid. I followed up on J'tei's whole bit about doing research for Betweening," begins the brownrider gradually.

Raine raises her eyebrows. "Research?"

"Don't look so surprised," says M'vari sternly. "The boy said he'd been looking in to things, and I wanted to see exactly where he got these foolish notions." Pause. "Turns out, they aren't quite so foolish, but they're so buried in dust that no one ought to have bothered." Another pause. "Begs the question why he did, but that's another matter."

"Is it?" Raine asks with a burgeoning smirk.

M'vari nods. "It is. Whatever he's up to is more involved than I can discern so far." So he glosses over it. "The fact is, he unearthed some things that bear a second look. Much as I hate to admit it, the way we train weyrlings since Corinne took over - it's cheap and uninvolved."

Raine remarks drily, "Like Corinne herself? -- What is it you're driving at, hmn? Are you wanting to make changes?"

"Yes. As a matter of fact, I am." M'vari lays it out succinctly after all that build-up: "In the past, the Weyrlingmaster's position was almost that of a quartermaster, a disciplinarian who saw to the NEEDS of the weyrlings - as well as the training, but that was also something that was shared with other ranking members of the Weyr."

Raine raises her eyebrows once more, the same expression of surprise on her face. "Are you /inviting/ the Weyrleader to take an active hand in training your weyrlings?" Her amusement is barely contained.

M'vari answers quickly, "And Sh'van, yourself, Zaorine." Two out of three ain't bad? "Also, any other riders who might be able to contribute. Daja did something like this, helping with riding straps because that's her area of expertise."

"Community training," Raine decides with a nod at the end. "And this is something that was quite common in the past?"

It is afternoon in the winter. There's not a cloud in sight, but the winter sun is diffuse and weak. The winter sun feels warmest in the clear, afternoon sky. The temperature is about 30F, -1C.

M'vari nods. "Indeed. It gave Wingleaders a chance to know the weyrlings better, and meant riders didn't have to be pulled to make OFFICIAL assistant weyrlingmasters. It was a way to..." He trails off, gesturing vaguely as he's unable to phrase it the way he wants.

Raine asks, "Keep weyrlings trained without draining the resources of a fighting weyr?"

M'vari snorts irritably. "Fighting Weyr. Something like that." He leans back in his chair then, looking inquisitively to the Weyrwoman. "So. I'll need a few funds to spruce up the barracks. As you and your damn Weyrleader are intent on bringing every girl on Pern to our Weyr, I want to fix the barracks up to better handle girls and boys together."

"We have very few funds, but I will see what I can swing for you." Raine sounds a bit pensive about it, even looks that way, though she nods assuredly.

M'vari takes what he can get. "Thank you. I'll begin putting together lessons that can be better taught by more than just myself, and I'll start seeing what I can do with the barracks without any money."

Raine says, "Most appreciated. Consider your plan accepted, and I look forward to the results." Even if she seems a little dubious about them. "When will you begin?"

M'vari stands at that, saying, "Post haste. Thank you, Weyrwoman, for your time and your blessings."

Raine mhmns. "Good luck, Weyrlingmaster."

M'vari answers, "Thank you." And off he goes to work on his experiment.
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