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Weyrlings chatting about training.

Location: Patio.
Players: Cayri, Greta and J'tei.
Time: Day 18, month 13, turn 442.
Scene: Three weyrlings discussing Cayri and Aydeth, and the future flying of the weyrlings. Log submitted by J'tei.

It is afternoon in the early winter. A thick layer of clouds blots out the sky entirely, hanging low and sullen. The windless winter day looks drab under the cloud cover. The temperature is about 31F, -1C.

Cayri comes up the steps from the herb garden.

Looking very cold despite a thick sweater, mittens, and the visible collar of a flannel shirt, J'tei would be better served to go inside to study the two hides he's trying to decipher. But he's made the best of it by scraping the snow off the table and chair, hunkering low against the chill.

Cayri navigates the stairs carefully, aware of the ice and the treachery of it. No chance of sneaking up on J'tei with snow crunching under her feet, she is more taken by surprise than likely to surprise. "Oh hi."

Indeed expecting the arrival based on the sound, J'tei folds the hide in half between his fingers and looks across the patio at the vaguely familiar girl. "Hi yourself," he returns, looking her over curiously. "Seen you in the barracks."

Cayri answers, "Same. J'tei, right?" Scrolling her scarf off one side of her neck, she walks over toward him and extends it with one arm. "You look like you could sue this more than me. Not a wintry creature?"

J'tei starts out like he's going to decline her offer. It is a femme-looking scarf. A shiver puts him in his right mind though, and he draws the scarf off Cayri's fingers with a grateful smile. "Nope. I'm from Boll. Snow threw me for a loop when I first saw it-- felt stupid just looking at it like a bumpkin," he relays with a chuckle. "You seem to be okay with it." Fast, he stands up and pulls out the other chair at the table, pocketing his hides so he can swipe snow off it.

"What a gentleman," Cayri says, laughing lightly and helping push snow off the back of the chair. "A cold gentleman no less. I can't imagine being your age and never knowing snow before. I guess gawking's understandable." Sitting, she looks to the pocket where J'tei's hides went.

Sliding back into his chair, J'tei nods. "It's a whole-- hrm. It's a whole culture change. Snow's just one more part of it." He pats the pocket with his palm, acknowledging the direction of Cayri's curiosity but not addressing it. "But I guess you'd know all about big changes like that, huh."

Cayri raises her eyebrows over brightening eyes. "That's a pretty clever way of introducin' the subject, sonny," she drawls in her best bumpkin imitation. Grin included.

Greta comes up the steps from the herb garden.

J'tei intensifies his own accent to accommodate. "Why, thank ya, sweetheart. I do work hard to keep from being too obtuse, mmhmm." There falls a little chuckle and the dropping of the over the top accent. "Do you talk about it at all?"

Cayri and J'tei sit at a table cleared of the snow, in chairs also cleared of the snow. They appear to be chatting. The bronzerider looks cold though he's bundled up, even wearing what must be Cayri's scarf, though the greenrider seems at her ease with the cold. "Talk about which part? You're going to have to be more specific."

"Any part," J'tei specifies loosely. "It's a pretty big story, even the little parts. Let's try..." He plays with the scarf, chuckling at the look of it with the little fringe and all. "Can I ask you about how you got to the island? I've never got that part-- just that you Impressed and then you're on some island and then Sh'van found you and now you're here. How'd you get there in the first place?"

It is afternoon in the early winter. A thick layer of clouds blots out the sky entirely, hanging low and sullen. The windless winter day looks drab under the cloud cover. The temperature is about 30F, -1C.

Greta trudges through the snow to move up the stairs with no real thought of where she's going in mind. Though from the looks of things she's rather surprised about finding that someone else has found that the patio is a good place to escape the hustle and bustle of the weyr as a whole. "On dragon back." is supplied before the weyrling even really thinks about what she just said. "Uhh Sorry."

Cayri's mouth open to answer, it closes before words exhale. That something would be Greta's words, calling the other greenrider quickly to the fact that she and J'tei are no longer alone out here. "Mm. Hmm." She glances to Greta, smiling a frail welcome.

J'tei seems surprised at a third voice out here and blinks at Greta confusedly. "Ah hi," he tosses over, putting out one foot to teeter a bench near the table and dislodge some of the snow piled up there. "I'll bet you two've already met? We were just--" Disappointment shows up on his face when Cayri doesn't specify any further after Greta's dodgy explanation. "Just making conversation, I guess. How're you, Greta?" he asks, finding a pleasant tenor for her.

Greta moves to the bench since it's been pulled over to the table, shoulders shrugging slightly as she drops down on to it. "Not to bad J'tei, just stretching my legs and trying to clear my head at the moment." As for the rest she gives a head nod "Seems to be the buzz around and in the barracks..the new arrivals that is."

"Goes around." Cayri points to herself and to J'tei with a nod agreeing with Greta's desire for a stretch of her legs. Funny thing that three people stretching their legs wind up sitting around. "Way that I hear it, there won't be many people /to/ buzz in the barracks in a few weeks. I heard you all get to start flying soon."

J'tei leans over the table, dropping his voice casually. He mutters to Cayri, "... clever... subjects... am at... 'em, sweetheart." He leans back, lacing his fingers limply across his stomach. "I heard some people muttering about it, but nothing specific. You heard about it, Greta? --Funny that the new greenrider who's not likely to see flying any time soon hears about it better than us," he comments with a slow grin to Cayri.

Greta shrugs again "I knew how she got here before most, since I was there when she landed." Though what that has to do with anything it's hard to tell. "Not really surprised but we'll I'm sure you bronzers and our Goldriding Weyrling will be airborne in no time."

Cayri looks laughingly at J'tei after his quiet remark. "It's not all that hard, is it?" Shrugging, she nods pleasantly at Greta's words. "I'neph was bragging to me that M'vari told him that he gets to fly first. That's how I heard about it. So obviously Greta here is right about the bigger dragons going first." No bitterness or annoyance for Cayri. "You and I'neph have some kind of competition going? Who's the better bronzerider?"

J'tei laughs, the sound carrying a little loudly in the crisp cold. "Competition? Eh, I guess maybe a little unspoken one. Nobody seems to think it's weird though, that we'd be in competition with each other. I think it's kind of-- encouraged maybe?" He shrugs it off, as he shrugs off Greta's assertion that bronze and gold will go first. "That seems like it makes sense though. Golds and bronzes are bigger, so they'd be stronger sooner, right? Kinda wonder what deal I'neph struck to get the chance to go first though."

"I know the deal." Cayri leaves that where it lies, standing up with a sly look at J'tei. "Anyway, I better get back to the barracks for a while. Aydeth is in /love/ with being oiled, and she's excited about having it done as often as possible." Waving her fingers at the other weyrlings, she starts down the steps. "Oh just bring my scarf back whenever. Nice to meet you."

Cayri heads down the steps.

J'tei stays around a little while after, but the cold eventually drives him indoors.
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