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Fort Weyr MUSH

Logs and updates.

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Fort Weyr MUSH is set on Pern. This is a text based RPG, called a MUSH. Information about MUSHes can be found here.

Fort Weyr is set near the end of the 4th Interval.

Our news files are also located on LiveJournal:

News Approval

News Policy

News Theme

Our logs are available here as well.

Our plot synopses are stored here for players to reference. They contain summaries of most of the plots that happened every RL month.

These are our dragon hatching records, also stored on the game.

A map of Pern is available to get an idea of how Pern is laid out in our timeline. This is roughly identical to those you'll find in the books. It was originally collected by S'rel of PernMUSH, altered by karmabum, and then re-altered and re-colorized for our game.

You can connect to the game at: fortweyr.net 1234 ( 1234).