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Sunday.9 July 2006

posted by.overentropy

Cayri's arrival at Fort Weyr.

Location: An island off the coast of the Western Continent, the bowl and the barracks of Fort Weyr.
Players: Adria, Cayri, Geneve, Greta, I'neph and Sh'van.
Time: Day 12, month 13, turn 442.
Scene: A storm on Cayri's island necessitates a rescue. Sh'van and Adria bring Cayri to Fort Weyr, where they all meet up with weyrlings. Logs submitted by Cayri and Sh'van.
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10:49 am

posted by.overentropy

Sh'van finds Cayri and Aydeth.

Location: An island off the coast of the Western Continent.
Players: Cayri and Sh'van.
Time: Day 9, month 13, turn 442.
Scene: Sh'van and Lanmith find Cayri and Aydeth. Log submitted by Sh'van.
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10:41 am

Tuesday.4 July 2006

posted by.overentropy

Plot Synopses: June 06

Public knowledge:

-- The first tithe Fort Weyr has in over a hundred turns came in the early autumn from Fort Hold. Mostly food, furnishings, and fabrics were brought.

-- Late in month 10 of turn 442, Liedra's gold Kereneth rose at High Reaches Weyr. She was caught by D'wed's bronze, making them the official Weyrleaders.

-- Sh'van and X'drian had some sort of semi-public argument that resulted in Sh'van spending dawn sentry on the star stones. Details of the argument are still hazy, though apparently it involved Sh'van refusing to come to Wing drills.

-- All of the surviving weyrlings from Fedayth's clutch were tapped. Geneve was also tapped, joining Adria and Daja in X'drian's Wing. All of the female riders now fly in that Wing.

-- J'tei has been studying charts and maps from late in the last Pass. This has aroused some suspicion as to what a former hold guard turned bronzerider has to interest him in mouldering maps.

-- X'drian assigned J'tei the task of teaching self-defense to the current female weyrlings and any others who want to learn. So far, the lessons have been fairly innocuous.

-- Since Samiya's death, the weyrling barracks have remained off-limits to anyone but weyrlings and ranking dragonriders. The weyrlings are expected to start flying any time now.

Not public knowledge (page me or someone involved if you think your character should know this):

-- Lord Monroe will be announcing the official heir of Fort Hold at the Turnover Gather. Raine has been keeping in touch with him about Romian's progress and the possibility of the weyrling returning to the Hold once he is a full rider.

-- X'drian and Zaorine had "planned" to have Sh'van's Lanmith fly Jasmyth for her maiden flight. This may or may not have played a role in the falling out between Sh'van and X'drian.

-- M'vari has Adria and I'neph checking on J'tei to see what he might be planning to do with the charts and maps he studies.

-- J'tei found evidence that weyrlings in the past have been trained to go *between* immediately after they are considered competent to fly.

10:37 am

posted by.overentropy

Weyrling bronzerider bonding.

Location: Lake
Players: I'neph and J'tei
Time: Late autumn, turn 442
Scene: J'tei gives I'neph a haircut and some self-defense tips. They talk about girls and lessons. (Log by J'tei.)

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10:36 am

Sunday.25 June 2006

posted by.noizangel

Business as usual.

Time: Late month 11, turn 442.
Location: Bowl
Players: Adria, X'drian
Synopsis: X'drian checks in on Adria and Chiyath.

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7:53 pm

Wednesday.21 June 2006

posted by.noizangel

Chiyath Rises!

Time: Evening, Day 14, month 11, turn 442.
Location: Bowl, 'Guest Weyr'
Players: Adria, X'drian, Sh'van, Geneve, I'neph (NPC)
Synopsis: Chiyath rises, Ianoth does the math, Lanmith tries an unconventional start, and Kesianth fumbles and ninjas his way into a win.

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11:25 am

Sunday.18 June 2006

posted by.overentropy

Breide, J'tei and I'neph talk in the barracks

Location: Weyrling Barracks
Players: Breide, I'neph, J'tei and X'drian
Time: Day 8, month 11, turn 442
Scene: J'tei and I'neph complain to Breide about straps. X'drian comes in and gives J'tei a new chore. (Log by J'tei.)

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9:43 pm

Friday.16 June 2006

posted by.noizangel

Just More Questions

Location: Library
Players: Adria. M'vari
Summary: Adria and M'vari don't fight. Amazing!
Current date: Day 27, month 10, turn 442.

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9:12 pm

Wednesday.14 June 2006

posted by.ianoth

X'drian rips Sh'van a new oriface

Players: Sh'van, X'drian
Summary: X'drian confronts Sh'van. Lots of bad tempers ensue. Ultimatums are issued.
IC time: 10:01pm. Current date: Day 24, month 10, turn 442.
Rating: PG-13 - profanity.

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11:07 pm

posted by.karmabum

Poor Sh'van.

Location: Nighthearth.
Players: M'vari, Sh'van.
Time: Afternoon on day 24, month 10, turn 442.
Scene: Sh'van's sad inside. ;_;

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5:51 pm

posted by.karmabum

Playing Catch-Up

Location: Weyrwoman's Weyr.
Players: M'vari, Raine.
Time: Evening on day 21, month 10, turn 442.
Scene: Catching up with each other finally.

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8:53 am

Friday.9 June 2006

posted by.essdara

Your love isn't really love

Who: Usha, R'fin
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr
When: Late evening, Day 6, month 10, turn 442
Comment: This was a lot of fun. :) The first person to really call Usha out ICly on her lifestyle.

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1:53 pm

Tuesday.6 June 2006

posted by.karmabum

Bonfire by the Lake

Location: Lake.
Players: Daja, I'neph, M'vari, Sh'van, T'nek, V'ter, Yasia.
Time: Evening on day 28, month 9, turn 442.
Scene: The bonfire dinner to celebrate the arrival of the tithe train.

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10:03 pm

posted by.overentropy

Tithe train arrives from Fort Hold

Location: Lake
Players: Greta, J'tei, Yasia and Zaeyla.
Current date: Day 28, month 9, turn 442.
Scene: Weyrlings help unload firestone.

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2:29 pm

posted by.karmabum

Living Cavern RP Stuff

Location: Living cavern.
Players: Adria, C'rad, Daiis, I'neph, M'vari, R'fin, V'ter.
Time: Evening on day 25, month 9, turn 442.
Scene: Mostly just random chit-chat.

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9:34 am

Tuesday.30 May 2006

posted by.overentropy

Plot Synopses: May 06

Public knowledge:

-- The first three weyrlings from Serinath's clutch to go *between* were N'ik, M'tan, and D'ray. The first two emerged safely, but D'ray and Keleth died *between*. It was several weeks later before the weyrlings resumed learning to *between*.

-- X'drian selected several dragonriders to take part in Fort's first "full" search outside its own lower caverns in order to find 52 candidates for Fedayth's 33 eggs. Fort Hold, Harper Hall, and Healer Hall were searched.

-- M'vari took the candidates to an island near Ista Weyr to harvest rushes for the weyrling barracks. While there, Samiya and Vinderis's little brother had an altercation that left Samiya punching Jelcrin. B'rek, who was watching the candidates at the time, "looked the other way."

-- T'ric and Hunath were the first from Serinath's clutch to be tapped into a Wing, selected by Gh'zed.

-- Raine allowed very few people on to the sands while Fedayth tended her eggs. Up until shortly before the Hatching, Samiya - the former Herder apprentice searched by M'vari - was the only candidate. Later, Raine allowed about 10 of the boys on to the sands, but she and Fedayth were both agitated by their presence.

-- Approximately 500 guests were on hand for the Hatching, including several Lords, Ladies, Craftmasters, and Weyrleaders.

-- At the Hatching, while waiting with Raine for Lord Monroe to arrive, Romian accidentally Impressed to a brown that hatched early. R'mi, as Nwandoth terms him, is still being called Lord Monroe's heir, but more permanent arrangements are expected at the Turnover Gather at the end of the year.

-- Samiya intentionally walked away from the girls around the gold egg and turned the head of her green Emynth toward her. By the end of the Hatching, Greta Impressed green Ziaith, Zaeyla Impressed brown Searinth, and Yasia Impressed blue Rismoreth. Four girls.

-- The gold looked to Impress to the Weyrhealer Quinley, but Breide shoved Quinley out of the way to Impress to Rielth.

-- G'avon's brown Klioth accidentally injured a boy named Secrin on the Sands. He died in the infirmary shortly after the Hatching.

-- Fifteen days after the Hatching, four dragonriders came in the middle of the night and crept into the weyrling barracks. They attempted to abduct Samiya, Zaeyla, Greta, and Yasia, and their dragons. Samiya's Emynth raised an alarm and three of the girls were able to escape. Samiya and Emynth were already captive, however, and died when L'frel, brownrider to Ghazinth of High Reaches, went *between* with a bad visualization. M'tan, who Impressed to Beizath at the previous Hatching, was apparently complicit, but his fate has been somewhat quiet. No one has seen him since that night. The other riders were named several weeks later: T'sel and R'nin of Benden Weyr. The fourth rider, known to be from Telgar Weyr, has not been identified.

-- Two girls arrived at the Weyr somewhat mysteriously. The history of Usha and Daiis has yet to be uncovered, but they have been permitted to the Weyr as apparently at least one of them needed medical treatment.

-- So far, Adria and Daja have been tapped in to X'drian's Wing. Geneve has not been tapped yet.

Not public knowledge (page me or someone involved if you think your character should know this):

-- Raine forced/manipulated/trapped Jathein into being a candidate on the grounds that she would send him away from the Weyr if he didn't agree. Jathein agreed to stand because he was complicit with Sarei (calling herself Soriane) to stay at Fort Weyr. Romian revealed that he knew who Soriane really was, but they agreed to wait until after the Hatching to return her to Boll. The Hatching changed matters, and now Romian and Jathein have Impressed and Soriane has made plans to stay at the Weyr permanently - without her father's knowledge.

-- M'tan was involved in the plans to kidnap the girls by arranging to be on watch duty that night and not raise the alarm when the four riders arrived. As punishment, he and Beizath were banished to one of the western islands.

-- Lord Monroe of Fort has no other heir for his Hold. He has been fighting with the Conclave to keep them from forcing him to either name another relative as his heir or take the son from another Hold.

-- At least one weyrling and possibly several other people at the Weyr are involved in a group whose goal is to force Pern to prepare for the eventuality of threadfall. Their ultimate means for accomplishing these ends aren't clear yet.

-- Although Adria and Geneve were practically promised the leadership of a Wing of their own by Raine, nothing has been done to assure this happens since they were tapped in to X'drian's Wing.

-- Daja was initially slated to be M'vari's assistant, but - on the day of her *between* lesson - M'vari asked her opinion. She was eventually released to X'drian's Wing after stating that she would prefer to be in a "fighting" Wing.

12:10 pm

Saturday.27 May 2006

posted by.essdara

A sick girl and a panicked girl walk into a weyr...

Who: Usha, Daiis, Adria, I'neph, V'ter, Quinley
Where: Fort Weyr Living Caverns, a road to the weyr, and the Infirmary
When: Evening, Day 23, Month 8, Turn 442
Comment: Whew! Well, it took a while to make happen, but when it came together, it was a blast. I think everyone involved had a good time! Good RP all around, and now the weyr has two new members! What will their futures hold for them, though?

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1:42 pm

Friday.19 May 2006

posted by.fw_daja

Daja is tapped

Location: Council Room (little bit of Bowl)
Players: X’drian (Ianoth) and Daja (Nirgalith)
Time: Around noon, day 2, month 8, turn 442.
Scene: X’drian gets Daja’s opinion on thread and taps her to his wing.

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11:30 am

Thursday.18 May 2006

posted by.leylia_fw

And Some Things Stay the Same

Place: Lake
Players: Leylia and R’mi/Nwandoth
Time: 11:11am on Day 27, month 7, turn 442
Synopsis: Leylia runs into R’mi and have a friendly chat along with meeting Nwandoth for the first time

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12:53 pm

Wednesday.17 May 2006

posted by.overentropy

J'tei and Soriane being sweet.

Current date: Day 21, month 7, turn 442.
Location: Lake.
Players: J'tei, Soriane.
Scene: Soriane worries about J'tei. They have confessions for each other. (Log sent by Soriane.)

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9:28 pm