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Please note: "News FW Census" is not listed in these files, as it will be updated semi-regularly. Please read the news file on the game. :)


Pern is copyright (c) Anne McCaffrey, 1967. The Dragonriders of Pern (r) is registered by Anne McCaffrey, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Fort Weyr's overall theme is to explore a time of change and turmoil in Pern's history. Set at the end of the Fourth Interval, the first of the Long Intervals, the focus is on the struggle of a demoralized Weyr trying to overcome decades of incompetent leadership, facing a coming Pass that most of Pern doesn't believe is coming. The game is tailored more to seasoned gamers, but new players are welcome as long as they are willing to learn.

For theme-specific information, read:

News Fort Weyr : About the Weyr.
News Dragons : Dragons in the Fourth Interval.
News History : A timeline of events.
News Search : On-camera hatchings.
News Women : Women in the Fourth Interval.
News Canon : Quick-reference canon FAQ.
News Wings : Fort Weyr's Wings.

Fort Weyr

Weyrwoman : Raine, gold Fedayth
Weyrleader : X'drian, bronze Ianoth
Weyrsecond : Sh'van, bronze Lanmith
Weyrlingmaster : M'vari, brown Reith
Headwoman : Vacant
Wingleaders : D'ranel, Gh'zed, and X'drian
Colors : Brown and black (a black mountain on a brown field)
Holds & Halls : Fort, Harper, Healer, Ruatha, Southern Boll, Weaver

In turn 380, Corinne Impressed to gold Serinath, beginning a downward spiral that lasted for 61 turns as she used the Weyr for her own personal self-indulgence. While the rest of the Weyrs suffered over the course of the Interval, Fort specifically fell into a state of such decline that many residents and even most riders abandoned it. Those who remained loyal to the Weyr were stuck dealing with Corinne's selfishness and with the incompetence of her long-term Weyrleader L'ian. Every gold that Serinath shelled was transferred away to minimize a potential threat to Corinne, leaving the Weyr with only an aging queen as rumors of thread began to resurface.

In turn 441, X'drian of Benden Weyr took matters into his own hands. Complicit with Raine, goldrider to Fedayth who was transferred to Benden after Impressing at Fort, he crashed what would be Serinath's last Flight, usurping L'ian as the Fort Weyrleader. Since then, with Raine now the Weyrwoman, the Fortians have worked to overcome the decades of neglect from Corinne's personal decadence.

Please read "News History" for a detailed timeline of events across Pern and at Fort specifically. See "News FW Census" for a census of PCs and NPCs.


The game is set in the Fourth Interval (the first Long Interval) just prior to the Fifth Pass. Because of this, there is some setting-specific information about dragons that players should read.

1. Size: Dragons are considerably smaller than those in later Passes. Dragons are measured in feet on this game.
Green : 10-13'
Blue : 14-17'
Brown : 18-21'
Bronze : 21-23'
Gold : 24-27'

2. Sexuality: Most green and blueriders are homosexual or bisexual. Heterosexuals do Impress to these colors, however. Most brown, bronze, and goldriders are heterosexual or bisexual. Homosexuals do Impress to these colors, however.

3. Gender: In our history, females have only just recently Impressed to colors other than gold. So far, in all of history, this has only happened at two hatchings.

4. Flights: Bronze dragons rarely win greenflights. Blue and brown dragons routinely fly greens. Brown dragons have NEVER won goldflights, and it is considered rude for brownriders to allow their dragons to chase queens. Blues do not chase queens. Riders from other Weyrs are not permitted to chase queens unless the flight has been declared open.

5. Wings : See "News Wings" for information about Fort Weyr's Wings.


Please read the long history for more detailed information, beginning with "News History1."

For a break down of on-camera/off-camera plot synopses, visit http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=fortweyrmush&keyword=Plot+synopses&filter=all.

The very short history: Pern expected a pass to begin in Turn 200 of the Fourth Interval. It did not. Over the next 200 turns, almost all Holds and Halls ceased tithing. The number of dragons reached an all-time low, and the Weyrs began fending for themselves, buying their own land and sending riders out as messengers or continuing crafters. At Fort Weyr, a goldrider named Corinne became Weyrwoman in Turn 380. For the next sixty years, her selfishness sent Fort deeper into an economic depression. In turn 441, her queen was finally caught by a new dragon, X'drian's Ianoth of Benden Weyr. Corinne suffered a heart attack and, on the night of the clutching, died. Raine, gold Fedayth's rider, and X'drian lead what's left of Fort.


Turn 200: All of Pern is prepared for the coming of a Pass that never arrives. At the time, people thought that the failure of the Red Star to be bracketed by the Eye Rock was a fluke - a failure by the Ancients proving once and for all that their knowledge was not so infallible after all. There are justifications for why the Weyrs are at such low strength, why the Red Star hasn't been seen, everything. And they all come to naught when the Pass doesn't begin.

Turn 201: Having double-checked their records, the Harpers assure that there was no mis-numbering of turns, that the Pass is indeed a year late now. At this point, the Weyrs convince people to remain at the ready, that the anomaly could pass at any time, and that they should be prepared to fight thread.

Turns 202-210: Most of Pern remains in a state of semi-readiness. The Weyrleaders had unanimously agreed that the Pass would be coming any day, and they would be ready when it did. The current generation of leaders had been raised with the knowledge that they would see thread in their lifetime, and they accepted the possibility that it was just delayed.

Turns 210-250: Things remain relatively unchanged for a long stretch of time. The slow but steady deterioration of preparations for threadfall is hardly noticeable - small farmholds expanding where they shouldn't, forests permitted to grow beyond their normal bounds, things like that. Most of Pern's leaders are still a generation prepared for 'fall, but that is changing.

Turns 250-308: The old blood is dying. The people who believed in thread are few and far between now. The youth of Pern, those now leading Crafts and Holds, believe thread is gone forever, and they naturally start to turn their attention toward the Weyrs that sap their resources.

Turn 309: Nabol sets the new trend. A bad harvest leads the Nabol Lord to the decision that he has no reason to continue tithing to the Weyr. With no repercussions to face, other Holds follow suit.

Turns 310-350: By turn 350, nearly every Hold has either stopped tithing or cut back their tithes considerably. Benden Weyr manages to maintain a firmer grasp on their Holds by a show of force - laying siege to the Holds to prove that it can be done. The other Weyrs are silently unanimous in their vote not to do likewise, and most of them soon find their cupboards bare. It becomes necessary for dragonriders to supplement their own incomes.

Turns 350-379: Weyrs and riders begin finding other means to feed and clothe themselves. Those with the ability to buy and manage land grow their own grains and raise their own herds. Deals are made with Craftmasters to allow dragonriders to continue practicing their trades - leading to the first riders permanently living outside the Weyr. Gradually, the Weyrs become more and more empty, little more than husks supporting fifty or so dragonriders. Fort Weyr is no different. The aging queen clutches a gold in what is obviously her last flight.

Turn 380: The Fort Weyrwoman, Yolanda, reaches her seventieth turn when her queen clutches for the last time. A bluerider at the Weyr thrusts his own daughter, Corinne, into standing. At thirteen, Corinne Impresses to gold Serinath.

Turn 381: Yolanda takes her queen *between*, leaving fourteen year old Corinne as Fort's Weyrwoman. Corinne is a spoiled, self-centered young woman with no capacity for leadership. The slow decline of Fort Weyr increases almost immediately.

Turn 382: Corinne's Serinath is flown by L'ian's bronze Carreth. L'ian is an easily manipulated and bullied man, and Corinne leaves him to do most of the Weyr's managerial duties while she exploits her new position. Telgar Weyr pleads with L'ian to take on their second queen - a woman in her forties - but Corinne forbids it.

Turns 383-407: Fort sinks further and further from splendor. The fields around the Weyr supply grain and house a small herd of cattle, but the Weyr has no money of its own. The clutches of three or four eggs over the past years have all been Impressed to boys from the Fort caverns. What few Crafters the Weyr used to house have now turned their backs to seek their own fortunes. Corinne borrows and bullies loans, squandering the Weyr's few resources. She loans out riders as couriers and transport services in return for marks she spends on her own luxuries. She drinks too much, living a life of excess while most of the Weyr suffers.

Turn 408: Serinath clutches a queen. Fearing this new queen will be a threat, Corinne gives her to Ista Weyr, who have not had a gold egg in more than fifty turns.

Turns 409-411: Benden, Ista, and Igen begin to show a gradual rise in numbers. Where once they had one queen with three to four eggs at a time, they now each have two queens and each clutches more than five eggs a piece. Telgar also welcomes its second queen.

Turn 412: For the first time in her life, Serinath rises within five turns of her last flight. Corinne is now forty-three, and a life of luxury is catching up to her quickly. L'ian, in his fifties, is graying and tired but still Corinne's favored Weyrleader.

Turns 413-418: The first murmurings of the Red Star begin to surface as people claim to catch glimpses of it in the pre-dawn hours. So far, only those living at Weyrs believe the tiny speck of light is the Red Star.

Turn 419: Serinath once more clutches a gold. Corinne has just celebrated her fiftieth turnday. The new goldrider is an attractive young woman, the daughter of one of Fort's greenriders. Corinne arranges to have the new gold given to High Reaches, who already have two queens but expect that their Weyrwoman will see few more turns before passing.

Turns 420-423: Ista Weyr begins receiving tithes again from Ista Hold. The Istan Lord claims that he has seen the Red Star clearly from his own fireheights, and he wishes to make amends for the long years with no tithing.

Turn 424: A Harper at Fort Hold - the son of a bronzerider from the Weyr - claims to have found a hide indicating that a "Long Interval" was anticipated. The hide itself is in a deplorable state. The Masterharper attempts to salvage it, but he's never satisfied with the results. Many who see the hide agree with the Masterharper that, rather than a timeline of Intervals and Passes, it's a timeline of tithe trains sent from Fort Hold during the Third Pass. Still, the hide coupled with the rumors of the Red Star give rise to a new possibility: Thread.

Turns 425-439: Serinath clutches sporadically. The other Weyrs begin to see their numbers climb more dramatically. By turn 439, Benden and Ista boast over two-hundred dragons each - though many of them only nominally call the Weyrs their home. Most riders have found other careers, working with Crafts or Holds. Weyrs provide food and shelter for riders, but luxuries are a rider's own responsibility. Corinne is a shell of her former self, sickly and alcoholic. The Healers agree that she is dying, that she probably will not survive another winter. Serinath is likewise tired and aging, and the few who remain loyal to Fort watch anxiously to see if she will rise again. High Reaches has volunteered to send a junior gold to Fort should Serinath die before producing an heir, but - even crippled as the Weyr is - many still wish the next gold to be clutched on Fort's Sands.

Early Turn 441: At the beginning of the turn, Serinath shows signs of proddiness. In the spring, she rises for what most expect will be the last time. As Carreth is blooding his kills, X'drian brings bronze Ianoth from Benden Weyr. Corinne allows both Ianoth and Sh'van's bronze Lanmith to chase with Carreth. Ianoth wins, making X'drian Fort's Weyrleader. But Corinne's heart fails, and she falls into a coma. L'ian and Carreth suicide *between*. With Corinne comatose, X'drian brings Raine and Fedayth back from Benden Weyr so that Raine can tend to Serinath.

Early Turn 442: At the first Conclave of the turn, Lord Monroe of Fort Hold confirms Romian as his heir, and Romian's betrothal to Sarei of Boll. At the Gather, High Reaches Weyrleader Fl'sim rallies Igen and Telgar in favor of banishing female dragonriders. On the last day of the Gather, an insult from Fl'sim sparks an argument that escalates to a knife fight between X'drian and Fl'sim; X'drian is wounded, and Fl'sim is killed. After this, Fort Hold, Harper Hall, and Healer Hall lift the embargo against Fort Weyr. A week later, the Weyr Council confirms Liedra and D'wed as acting Weyrleaders at High Reaches. At the end of the council, Fedayth rises for her maiden flight, caught by X'drian's Ianoth. The resultant clutch has 33 eggs, a gold among them, the largest since the Pass. At the Hatching in the 7th month, Breide Impresses to gold Rielth and four other girls Impress to chromatic dragons. Romian accidentally Impresses to brown Nwandoth, and Lord Monroe is forced to consider a new heir.

Late Turn 442: Twelve days after the hatching, four riders attempt to abduct the female weyrlings. One of the weyrlings, Samiya, is killed when her abductor miscalculated a jump in to *between*; the others were unhurt and their kidnappers escaped. M'tan is found to be in league with the abductors and banished to one of the western islands. Near the end of the turn, High Reaches has a Hatching with a single female Impressee - Cayri to green Aydeth. Though High Reaches claims Aydeth is sickly and eventually dead, word gets back to Fort Weyr that she has been abandoned on one of the Western Islands. Sh'van discovers her location and, three days later, she's brought back to Fort Weyr.

Turn 443: The Turnover Gather at Ista Hold settles the question of Fort Hold's heir when Monroe announces that Romian (R'mi?) will return home after his training is complete and resume the position as the official heir.


Search at Fort Weyr is run as low-key as possible. This game is not designed to focus solely around on-camera searches, but hatchings are an important part of IC events. In order to Impress on-camera, make sure to read the following:

1. New characters who want to Impress should read "News App Impression." Existing / already approved characters should use "+request misc=." Characters who were not approved as Impression characters are NOT guaranteed Impression.

2. Search is run by the IC clock. From flight to clutching is three IC months (one RL month); from clutching to hatching is five IC weeks (one and half RL weeks). Deviations will occur to fit schedules of players.

3. Characters who are approved AFTER the clutching will not Impress at that hatching, simply for ease.

4. Dragons can have personalities written for them if a player requests it. By default, they will not have personalities. Names can also be requested specifically. (Gold names used on other games per http://www.atwl.org and http://www.dreamwinds.net/pern/ cannot be reused, simply to make it easier for the numbering system of ATWL. All other names are reusable.)


Sexism is a fact of life.

Holder women are housewives and broodmares. While they may run their households in private, in public, the head of the household is always the husband. Women cannot own land, nor can they inherit a bloodline. A few widows have held title as Lady Warder if they had male children who were too young to inherit at the time of their husband's death, but none have ever been Ladies in their own rights.

Women in Weyrs are given the most freedom, but they're still not held on equal with men. The headwoman, goldriders, and posted crafters are the only ranking women in most Weyrs. Although women in Weyrs are not expected to marry, as their holder and crafter counterparts are, they're generally expected to be "attached" to a male by adulthood. As yet, the reception of female dragonriders is variable. Every Weyr except Fort has strictly disavowed the possibility, and many Fortians still regard them with mistrust and resentment.

Crafts in the Fourth Interval have varying levels of acceptance for female crafters. Please be aware of the following when creating a female crafter:

-- Farmer, Herder, Smith, Miner, Woodsmith, and Sailor Crafts count no more than 5% of their total population as women. No more than one or two women a generation will see the rank of Journeyman. No women have been promoted to Master in these crafts in recorded history.
-- No female Journeyman concepts for these crafts will be approved as Impression characters.
-- Female Apprentices /may/ be considered as Impression characters.

-- Harper, Healer, Weaver, Vintner, and Baker Crafts are often as much as 15% female overall. Although it's fairly common for exceptionally gifted women in these crafts to be promoted to Journeyman, only one or two a generation will be promoted to Master rank.

-- /No/ Craft has had a female Craftmaster in recorded history.

Canon FAQ

-- Firelizards and shipfish (dolphins) are mythical, stuck in the category of bedtime stories.

-- The southern continent has not been explored since the Crossing. AIVAS does not exist as far as Pernese are concerned.

-- Wearing draconic jewelry is considered taboo.

-- Dyeing one's hair or wearing excessive make-up is frowned upon. Getting tattoos or piercing one's body (except for women piercing their ears) is considered self-mutilation.

-- Criminals are incarcerated in holding cells in Holds and Halls. Repeat offenders or those guilty of severe crimes are banished to the Western Continent. (See: "Area Western Continent.") The death sentence does not exist on Pern, though vigilante justice occasional sees criminals murdered. Dueling with belt-knives, often to the death, is considered acceptable, though dragonriders typically abide by the adage that "dragonmen don't fight."

-- Dogs are kept in holds and Halls for labor purposes, not as pets. Cats can be kept as mousers, though they are much rarer than small dogs that serve the same purpose. Only the very wealthy keep pets of any kind just as pets.

-- Pernese and "earth" terms are used inter-changeably. Cats/felines, dogs/canines, turns/years, runners/horses, etc.

-- Pernese physiology is nearly identical to earthling physiology. Average female height is 5'4"-5'5" (163-165 cm), average male height is 5'9"-5'10" (175-178 cm).

-- A dragonlength is approximately 25 feet long, the length of the average gold dragon.

-- The Pernese year is 364 days long, made up of 13 months of 28 days each. The Pernese day is 24 hours long. Every 5 Pernese years is a leap year, with the extra day added to the last day of the year. (Not coded in to +time.)


At capacity, Fort Weyr will house approximately 500 dragonriders. Every dragonrider at the Weyr, regardless of their age and health, will be assigned to a Wing. Most Wings will have 15-30 dragons. As an example, anywhere from 3-6 Wings would be sent for a particular threadfall; at capacity, the Weyr would have approximately 15 Wings, plus the Weyrling Wing and the Queens' Wings.

The following Wings currently exist IC at Fort Weyr.

-- Queens' Wing : Wingleader - Weyrwoman. Mainly consists of any goldriders at the Weyr. Periodically, other riders will be temporarily assigned to this Wing.

-- Weyrling Wing : Wingleader - Weyrlingmaster. Consists of any weyrlings and weyrlingmasters. They are not considered a "fighting" Wing.

-- Weyrleader's Wing : Wingleader - Weyrleader. Also called X'drian's Wing. Consists of riders selected by the Weyrleader to fly in his Wing. Currently, X'drian's Wing is the only Wing at the Weyr that actively trains for threadfall.

-- Other Wings : D'ranel's Wing and Gh'zed's Wing. See "+npc <name>" for information about these Wings.
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